Rolf Inge Godøy


Rolf's main interest is in phenomenological approaches to music theory, meaning taking subjective impressions of musical sound as the point of departure for music theory, explore the content of these mental images of musical sound, and correlate these mental images with the acoustic features of the sound.

His work has come to include exploring music-related body movement, and in this connection, he directed the Musical Gestures Project (2004-2007) at the University of Oslo, and participated in various European research projects. This has resulted in a number of publications within this area, including a book edited with Marc Leman on musical gestures (Godøy and Leman 2010).

Presently, he is directing an interdisciplinary research project, the Sensing Music-Related Actions Project (2008-2012), using various conceptual and technological tools to explore the relationships between sound and body movement in the experience of music.


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